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Military service

My service in the Israeli military (IDF) was different from the one a standard high school graduate goes through at the age of 18. I committed to a 10-year program from the army to train engineers to serve in the army. The program included 4 year university studies in Ben-Gurion University in Israel. One of the most prestigious engineering schools in the state. I graduated with Honors in 1997 in Bachlor’s of Materials science Engineering. My Bachelor’s final project was done in the IAI (Israeli Aero Industry). A large government manufacturer for the Israeli industry and other large American corporations such as Boeing. My project was in the filed of development and manufacturing of composite materials for aircrafts to improve weight, mechanical performance and durability.

When I finished my degree, I was enlisted for a period of six years, where I served as an Engineer for the Israeli Government for a variety of projects I cannot describe over the web. But I can share with you that my professional experience was in the field of composite materials, polymers, material performance development and testing. That was an extremely unique experience where I learned aside for an incredibly rich experience in design manufacture and testing of a wide variety of materials, the art of working under pressure in extremely tight deadlines. Finding and extracting information necessary to accomplish tasks and projects without the ability to ask questions from suppliers out in the open (for obvious reasons). Working in an environment that has hundreds of professionals working together to accomplish very aggressive goals in a short timelines with the best quality possible. Project management in its highest levels and intricacies.

During my time there I received two personal prestigious awards as a part of different teams from the President of the state of Israel and the head of the Intelligence corps, for special projects that yielded incredible results and used extraordinary creativity. I left the service in 2003. And moved to the US to marry the love of my life Maya, which I share my journey with until this day with our beautiful five children.

In 2004 I joined a large toner and inkjet manufacturing company called Mirco Solutions Enterprises, where I spend around 11 years, performance a variety of managerial positions including but not limited to

  1. Quality assurance dept. where I was able to certify a 1000 employee company for ISO 9001 and 14001 (Environmental program) in six months. I developed and managed a team of 30 inspectors and developed inspection systems and processes to assure outstanding quality for our customers. A large portion of my time was put to creation of robust change management processes in an every changing business environment
  2. Automation manager: oversaw the automation department that designed and manufactured and introduced automated equipment for our manufacturing lines that included electrical and pneumatic machines, robotics and laser cutters. The main goals of this department were to improve output, increase reliability and reduce the human error.
  3. Product development manager – where I oversaw the development of dozens of new products from cradle to grave including writing of manufacturing instructions and visual aids for.  A large portion of my time as manager was invested in introduction of new testing equipment of our QC an and R&D labs to improve pormance testing, durability and inspection processes of our products, materials and performance. I worked diligently to write and create development protocols to main stream and standardize the development process on its different stages.
  4. Legal : I was heavily involved in different legal litigations that occurred during my time there, and helped build a case, and represent our firm on the technical aspects of these litigations
  5. Intellectual property: I was in charge of the firms’ patent portfolio, throughout the years, and many of the inventions written during that period I was an inventory or a co-inventor. I have around 25 different patents in the US Patent office and the European patent office.

2015 – HP indigo Israel

As we decided to move back to live in Israel with the family I was working for one of the most amazing organization I got the privilege to work for – HP, Indigo Division. There I worked as a development engineer and a manager in different departments to develop new multidisciplinary mechanical, electrical and optical modules. HP as a state of the art manufacturing operation as well as an extremely pleasant work place that realy puts thought and energy into the wellbeing on its employees on so many different aspects to obtain high satisfaction level to make sure good quality workforce is maintained and retained. There I was exposed for the first time to a structured human asset management to a very high degree that exists in the high tech world. At HP I was a part of the design  of new elements, finding new suppliers, developing a rigorous inspection protocols for their supplier’s manufacturing and inspection procedures to assure control, compliance, and inspection of all components, to obtain the highest level of quality, repeatability and reliability of its products.

The magnitude of this operation on all its levels and what is required to keep it alive, productive, relevant, competitive, create is very impressive and it takes a great deal of multidisciplinary efforts to keep it that way.

Of course like any organization it has its faults and disadvantages, but it is definitely a role model for mafuacturing, quality and above that, human asset management in its finest. Due to the fact HP could not compete with Sotware companes such google with the compensation packages that they can offer their employees, HP has to develop creative programs that touched other elements of employee satisfaction that are not moitary related, such as recognition, appreciation, flexibility, interest, independence, meaning, community and more that created a very well nurtured working place that gave employees the impression they are a part of a big secure family, which was the grounds for high retention , creativity, productivity of its members

My last journey before I decided to open this firm is in a small company with around 70 members that manufactures ink for Inkjet industrial applications as an operations manager.

After being absent from the workforce in the US for 7 years, (I moved to Israel) I was exposed to a very different reality in the workforce, and the challenges required to keep it motivated and productive. The younger generation has many different needs and expectations from the workplace.

It is extremely hard to keep them motivated. Retention rates are extremely low. Motivation is low, creativity is low, and performance is mediocre. There is very little loyalty to the workplace. And within a week and sometimes even a day, people can disseapear and work somewhere else, with not explanation at all.

I spent most of my time there reviewing resumes, interviewing, hiring, managing endless conflicts, and constantly dealing with employee related issues. From attendance, to performance to safety to violence to harassments. At some point I thought that doing a reality show on a daily life in that firm is more profitable than actually manufacturing ink.

This experience was extremely important to me to break some conceptions I had on the workforce in the US and help build a significantly larger, more holistic approach to my management philosophy


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